Pandemics (2023 Oct)

Proposing an AI model for zoonotic spillover surveillance in SEA

By Dominique Aluquin (Published on May 24, 2024)

Project Summary


Regional efforts for pandemic prevention and surveillance are disjointed and slow-moving due to varying political priorities, and the norm of consensus and noninterference between Southeast Asian nations (SEA). Due to the high-risk activities occurring in SEA for zoonotic spillover and how interconnected travel and trade are within this region, it would be pertinent to have an intuitive shared surveillance system accessible and used by SEA leaders. This project works towards proposing an AI program for SEA zoonotic spillover surveillance to achieve greater regional collaboration, accountability, and data-sharing, and improve biosecurity within and across SEA countries.

Duration: 18 months (TBD)

Main Objectives

  1. Publish high-quality, comprehensive, and user-friendly research on current policies, activities, and key stakeholders for zoonotic spillover prevention and primary surveillance at a regional and country level.
  2. Become a trusted and reliable partner for biosecurity and One Health decision-makers, actors, and experts in SEA.
  3. Leverage AI technology to propose the creation and enhancement of programs for zoonotic spillover surveillance.

Read the full project submission here.

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