Pandemics (2023 Oct)

A beginner’s introduction to AI-driven biorisk

By Natalie Kiilu (Published on May 24, 2024)

The dual-use nature of AI-powered tools such as large language models (LLMs) and biological design tools (BDTs) renders them valuable for both beneficial and potentially harmful purposes. Their potential to democratize access to advanced scientific knowledge and processes carries significant implications for biosecurity, especially as their capabilities advance. Addressing the serious risks they pose requires the pursuit of governance frameworks that balance their benefits with the existential threat they pose to humanity.

As both tools are relatively new and the nature and extent of their risks remain speculative, concerns over their effects on biosecurity remain peripheral in the general public consciousness. Yet, this should not be the case, given the severity of these risks. Therefore, this paper attempts to shed some light on the current state of affairs for individuals with limited exposure to AI-driven biorisk with the aim of raising awareness and prompting appropriate action.

Read the full project submission here.

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